Digiflavor DROP RDA

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The Drop RDA designed by Brian, YouTube host of The Vapor Chronicles and co-host and senior member of The vApe Team live show.  With his years of hardware experience, an absolute need to help others quit smoking, and his passion for DIY mixing and flavor, it was obvious he had to ensure the Drop RDA would meet not only his own, but his fans, friends, and followers high standards.
Now, after 6 months of R&D, The Vapor Chronicles and Digiflavor are releasing an atomizer that offers vapors a build deck that accommodates big and multiple coiling options with an intelligent and easy to use layout. Moreover, the cap and super smooth AFC (Air Flow Control) system provides the ability for personalized flavor adjustment to the vast variety of users taste. This is due primarily to the brilliantly designed layout and meticulously machined airflow; you can the tune the Drop RDA with laser-like precision and dial it in to hit your personal flavor spot.