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VEEBA disposable vapes

Veeba disposable vapes are new disposable vapes designed to offer a new vaping experience to all kinds of vapers. The vapes have a sleek design and nine vibrant flavours that are bound to satisfy the tastes and preferences of any vaping enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned vapers. Veeba disposable vapes are lightweight (at only 20.5g) with an e-liquid capacity of 2mL, but pack a powerfully satisfying punch with a tight draw.

Veeba disposables

180 Smoke is now offering a wide selection of Veeba disposable vape flavours, with each one featuring three of the following hints for you to enjoy - fruit, cooling, creamy, citrus, minty, creamy, berry, exotic, or sour:

  • Gold- fruit, citrus, cooling

  • Indiblue- berry, exotic, creamy

  • Blue Mint- minty, creamy, cooling

  • Yellow- exotic, fruit, minty

  • Red- exotic, fruit, cooling

  • Classic Tobacco- tobacco, toasted, dark

  • Coral Pink- exotic, fruit, cooling

  • Mauve- berry, creamy, cooling

Veeba disposables contain 20mg/mL (1.8%) of nicotine salts. The 280 mAH battery guarantees an uninterrupted vaping experience of 350 puffs featuring a tight pull-activated draw.

Veeba vapes have what it takes to offer a great vaping experience. Battery and capacity features aside, the vapes are sizable at (115mm by 17.9mm by 9.4mm).

Considering the 20.5g weight and small size, you can fit your disposable and carry it around in any pocket or bag comfortably without sacrificing comfort.